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Exclusive Services

At Pet Sitting MKE, each experience is customized to each of our furry and feathered friends. We look to connect with your pets' preferences and personality through attention to detail and, of course, love. Because of that, our services fulfill what your pet needs out of the visit, however long that may take.

Have you ever had a long weekend and not felt like taking that early run on Monday morning? Or have you ever come home from a great day at work and had the extra energy to add an extra two blocks into your walk routine? Your furry friends experience similar feelings!

Your pets have energetic days and lazy days. Extroverted days and introverted days. At Pet Sitting MKE, our entire team is trained on reading your pets' body language to determine the tone of the visit. Our passion, love and attention to detail to your pets' personalities and preferences help us determine the duration of each walk and check-in, meaning we do not have a designated amount of time for each service.

A premium rate is consistent for any weekend and evening bookings without any surcharges. Because every day is a weekend for your pets when Pet Sitting MKE stops by!

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