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Spring or Easter Basket Gifts for your BFFF (Best Furry Friend Ever!) 2022


Over the past few years I’ve seen so many different tools, tricks, treats and toys! I’ve been slowly making a list of my favorite items for Fido and for anybody that LOVES Fido. Some of the gifts on this list are more geared towards Fur-Parents, but nonetheless these products have been game changers in our typical routine. I hope they help inspire you as well!

KONG Cleaning Brush

I swear there is no grosser feeling than sticking your fingers inside a wet kong to try and scrape the wet peanut butter off those edges where your dog’s tongue couldn't quite reach… and that’s coming from someone who picks up your pets’ poop for a living!

The KONG Cleaning brush is no joke and has been my saving grace for the last year! I swear there isn’t any treat or spread that a good soak & KONG Cleaning brush can’t fix.

MyWoof Pupsicle

I heard of this product during a meet and greet and was instantly intrigued. The MyWoof Pupsicle takes frozen treats to a new level. Their product unscrews for easy cleaning, is durable, uses a different type of rubber that better repels the growth of new bacterias or pathogens and also can come with freezable trays to create an infinite array of frozen goodies for your fur babies that are perfectly sized to the pupsicle mold. Genius!

Silicone Shampoo Bottles

Loose leash training and training in general can be tricky, but purchasing silicone shampoo bottles to fill with wet food, peanut butter, or other high value treats has been a game changer. It allows me to be more accurate on time when working with my pups (you know- the fumbling to get treats out of the pouch game? eek!). It also saves my hands during cold weather… hello mittens! (Shout out Carly Brown @TheCanineLearner) for the tips!

Kurgo Kibble Carrier for Dogs

This product was brought over to our home for overnights when @ThatDoodleJack would spend the night. His pawrents bought the Kurgo kibble carrier and I was immediately OBSESSED. It’s compact, lightweight, so easy to travel with, secure, and even has a secret pocket for all of Jacko’s vitamins and treats. Not to mention it has a spot on the inside to write your pet’s information on. SO AMAZING and honestly one of my favorite ways that I’ve had owners pack up food for overnight stays.

Pick Brush - Single Row UnderCoat Rake

I’m by no means a groomer, and have very little knowledge of different brushes and their uses, but I do have a few different type of brushes and, let me tell you, when it comes to burrs trapped in a golden retrievers tail or matted between the paws of a very energetic golden doodle, this single row rake is so great at untangling deeply matted burr messes.

Furminator Deshedding Rake

Burr messes? What about fur messes? Okay, here me out...the furminator deshedding rake has ALSO been so one of my most frequently used tools. This brush does a great job of raking out old and dead fur and reduces shedding in our home tremendously!

Kong Box

I’m always struggling to find a variety of “heavy duty” chew toys for my furry friends that shred all stuffed toys. When I found KONG box I filled out a profile to best match the type of toys I was seeking for the type of pet that I had. Kong Box sends me a monthly subscription box of two toys, three treats, a recipe, a training tip or activity and a free gift all for $30. I swear the cost of two KONG toys alone is about $30 so this box felt like a steal and keeps me saving time having to find and purchase new toys each month.

Get yours today at: KONG BOX

Snap Bandanas by

Olly Dog Threads

For all of my high-energy and wiggle-worm pups, my bandanas weren’t staying until I found @OllyDogThreads snap bandanas! The snap makes the bandana so secure, and easy to take on and off without having to wiggle each collar through the holes of a “collar bandana.” Olly Dog Threads combines fashionable and eclectic patterns for unique bandanas every season. Their products are constantly changing and they’ve recently been expanding to creating the cutest leashes and collars too!

Check out their instagram @OllyDogThreads and use code PETSITTINGMKE10 for 10% off your orders!

You can also check out their store at

Water Buffalo Horns


I’ve heard really mixed reviews about bison horns (and other antlers) from various pet owners and veterinarians. I bought some bison horns on a whim to allow my pups a new “durable” chew toy to help clean their teeth and add to the “heavy duty” toy collection. Immediately the bison horns were a HIT!

Guinea Pig Chenile Bathmats

Calling all guinea pig, rabbit, and small animal caretakers; I’m about to show you the best hack ever! One of my clients started using bathmats in their guinea pig enclosure to save time when spot cleaning. Place the bathmat in your pets enclosure and cover with hay. While your furry friends are eatin’-and-excreetin’ the bathmat catches all of the waste and can be easily shaken outside in the lawn or in a large garbage bag. Minimize your daily spot cleaning duties and maximize your time spent with your furry friend!

FurGift Nose Boop Kit