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2022 Pet Sitter's Spring Cleaning Must-Haves

1. LeVoit Air Purifier

I hadn’t realized the amount of fur, dander and debris that had been floating in the air of my home every day- not to mention the fact that I’d been breathing it all in! We purchased the LeVoit Air Purifier during the summer to help alleviate the amount of fuzz and fur flying around our home. Le Voit works like a charm and the filters are so easy to change. I love the night-mode, and the fact that it has a timer as well. Plus it can totally double as a white noise machine, ha! We also ended up purchasing LeVoit humidifiers for the winter time that help to prevent dry air and kennel cough.

2. Dust Mop

This is more of a gift for those fur-baby parents, but purchasing a dust mop has probably saved me (and my spine) countless hours of bending over the vacuum. With pets in our home we are constantly vacuuming… I mean twice a day minimum! I don’t know about you, but I cannot focus on things when I know there are dust bunnies floating around my feet. Sometimes I just don’t have the time to vacuum between meet and greets or other services so purchasing a dust mop was my best decision ever.

3. Lint De-Shedder

“Satisfying” Tiktok was not joking when they advertised this product as a “MUST HAVE”. I use this tool on my furniture, rugs, on cat stands, on pillows and blankets, it’s amazing. Eco-friendly, easy to use and gets out all of the hair that I had NO idea was even deeply embedded in my fabrics.

Bissell Stomp 'N Go Pet Lifting Pads + Oxy for Stain Removal

Accidents happen… but hopefully not on your carpet or favorite rug. Especially for potty training puppies, Bissell Stomp Pads do an excellent job of absorbing urine (or other liquids), removing the stain and the scent! A quick solution to a not-so-fun problem

5. Sticky Buddy Laundry Lint Collector & BOUNCE Pet Hair & Lint Dryer Sheets

My favorite lint-remover combination is my Sticky Buddy Lint Collector and my BOUNCE Pet Hair & Lint Dryer Sheets. With these two bad boys in your load of laundry every morsel of hair is ZAPPED and cleaned from your leggings, I swear!

6. ​​KONG Cleaning Brush

I swear there is no grosser feeling than sticking your fingers inside a wet kong to try and scrape the wet peanut butter off those edges where your dog’s tongue couldn't quite reach… and that’s coming from someone who picks up your pets’ poop for a living!

The KONG Cleaning brush is no joke and has been my kryptonite for the last year! I swear there isn’t any treat or spread that a good soak & KONG Cleaning brush can’t fix.


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